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Easter holidays or summer ones ?






Happy Easter to all of you 🙂 ! Just returned from Kos a wonderful Greek island on the east side of Greece. I had a great time there as you can see, haha ! I was pretty lucky though as it was hot as hell ! Who would think that summer would arrive so early this year? Well, good for me that we chose a really nice hotel to stay ! Just the right place to relax and have your first summer splash ! How was your week ?


Only memories now…







Have you ever had a funny trip with your classmates? Well, my high school’s classmates and I had this experience when we went to Pilio. It was an amazing experience …We had a great time there and we enjoyed ourselves to the full ! It had a lot of fun and a lot of gags of course, as you can also see …haha ! I’m back now and it feels quite lonely, as I don’t sare  my room anymore with 3 other people :p ! Anyway we may be back but there are still our memories!!

Prepearing …




Well I have to say I  am quite excited since I am going on a school trip to Volos and Pilio a greek mountain for 4 days … !  So many things to do right now. Pack my things doing the rest of the unfinished business…But I have to say I am really thrilled !  How are you going to spend the rest of your week ?

Exploring ZARA




Today was quite a wonderful day for me ! No school …haha ! What can be better than that? So I decided to go for shopping as I had a long time to go … I really really missed it. I boughts many things that I will probably show you in later posts haha ! 😀

I am now going to see a movie while eating a delicious cupcake and drinking a cup of milk!  Wish you all to have a great night!